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How does a gear pump work?

Gear pumps, a key component in industrial processes, consist of two gears, one driven by the other. This type of pump can be either an external gear pump or an internal gear pump. The pumping medium is transported through the rotating gap between the gears and the inside of the pump housing. At Lyma, we offer high quality gear pumps for various industrial applications.

Advantages and uses of gear pumps:

Gear pumps offer exceptional efficiency and generate pulsation-free flows, making them ideal for dosing plants. Their pressure characteristics make them suitable for pumping a variety of liquids, including crude oil, adhesives, acids, asphalt, plastic pulp and chocolate mass. To maintain an acceptable service life, they should be avoided for 'dry' liquids such as petrol, while kerosene and diesel oil are more suitable due to their lubricating properties.

Material choices and designs of Lyma gear pumps

Lyma offers a comprehensive range of gear pumps in various materials, including stainless steel and Alloy-C. Stainless steel is characterised by its resistance to corrosion and chemical influences, while Alloy-C is known for its corrosion resistance. The seals are made of PTFE and the lining of PFA, making the pumps resistant to almost all chemicals. Lyma's gear pumps are available in versions with both magnetic and mechanical seals, flange or threaded connections and pressure classes from 7 bar to 25 bar.

Applications for gear pumps

Gear pumps come in a range of sizes and can be used for flows from laboratory use to large industrial pumps up to 13 m3/h. Their robust construction and ability to offer pulsation-free flows make them common in the chemical, petrochemical, and food industries. These pumps handle everything from clean liquids to hazardous substances such as solvents and lye. Two main types, external and internal gear pumps, offer different advantages such as higher pressure rises and better suction capacity for liquids with particles.

Liquiflo Polyguard

Lyma range of self-priming gear pumps

Lyma boasts a wide range of self-priming gear pumps from the recognised manufacturer Liquiflo, which has been operating since 1972. These models are available in stainless steel and Alloy-C, with magnetic coupled or mechanical seals. They are ideal for various chemical applications, including acids, solvents and polymers. With a suction capacity of 4-8 m and a pressure rise of up to 25 bar, depending on bearing design and seals, these pumps provide reliable performance.

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