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What is a ball valve and its uses in industrial processes


Ball valves: Optimal control and versatility in handling corrosive flows

Ball valves are a critical component in the management of corrosive flows in the process industry. This type of valve uses a through-hole ball to close and open the flow by rotating a quarter turn between two annular valve seats, usually made of soft-sealing materials such as PTFE. Lyma offers high-performance and versatile ball valves, adapted to different industrial process requirements.

Features and connectivity

Ball valves are ideally suited for on/off functions where the flow is fully closed or opened, but there are also variants that allow regulation and adjustment of the flow. Connection options include socket weld, butt weld, threaded, glued, flanged or a combination of these, allowing customisation to specific application needs. This type of valve is easy to automate and is efficiently operated by actuators, hand levers or when regulated by worm gear and positioner.

Advantages of ball valves:

  • Low pressure drop: Ball valves offer low pressure drops, contributing to the efficient handling of corrosive flows.
  • Simple automation: These valves are easy to automate, which facilitates and improves process control.

Dimensions and uses

Ball valves are commonly used in the process industry and are available in sizes up to DN200. They are most frequently used in the DN15-80 size range, which covers a wide range of industrial applications.

3-way ball valves for versatility

Lyma also offers Asahi 3-way ball valves in two different designs for different functions. The horizontal version (DN25-40) and the vertical version (DN15-100) enable directional changes in the flow. The choice between these variants determines the function you want to achieve with the valve. Common types include L- and T-bore, but there are also advanced variants such as Double L Port and Cross Port with different bore options for varied needs.

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