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Asahi flap check valve type 33EL DN15-200

PVDF is often used in chlorine applications in combination with high pH values. This often gives rise to blistering in the PVDF material. To avoid this, Asahi has developed a special material, EL-PVDF, and a special seal, EL-PTFE. Tests have shown that valves made of EL material increase valve life by 2-5 times compared to PVDF.

Diaphragm valves and flap check valves are available in EL-PVDF.
Check valve with minimal pressure drop to prevent backflow of aggressive, corrosive or contaminated liquids. Intended for e.g. chlorine and chlorate applications in combination with high pH values. Can be used advantageously for heavily contaminated media, due to the free opening area. Installed horizontally or vertically with flow direction upwards.
The valve has a flanged connection according to DIN or ANSI standards.

Dimensional range: DN15-200
Material houses: EL-PVDF
Material soft seal: EPDM, FKM, Viflon-F or PTFE
Connection: Flange according to DIN PN10 or ANSI 150 lbs.
Temperature range: -20-+100 °C

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    Corrosion resistance
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    Wear resistance
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