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CP ceramic centrifugal pump type ET

Centrifugal pump for chemical abrasive process flows designed according to the chemical standard DIN EN ISO 2858. Double mechanical seal and open impeller giving very good NPSH.
All wetted parts are made of ceramic which makes the pump optimal for abrasive, corrosive and diffused liquids. The pump complies with the EC Machinery Directive and the EC ATEX Directive.

Capacity: 0.5-300 m³/h
Lifting height: Up to 70 metres
Liquid temperature: -20 to +150°C
Material: Ceramics

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    Corrosion resistance
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    Wear resistance
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    • All wetted parts are made of ceramic materials.
    • Mechanical sealing surfaces are made of silicon carbide.
    • The pump is equipped with FuturaMik® double mechanical shaft seal for abrasive and/or crystallising liquids.

    The result is a pump that can handle full vacuum while maintaining excellent corrosion and wear properties.

    Applications are slurries with highly abrasive particles or abrasive particles in combination with high temperature. For example:

    • Titanium dioxide (Ti02)
    • Sub-steps in sulphuric acid and chlorine processes
    • In reactors (high temperature and crystals)
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