Check and bottom valves

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Check & bottom valves

A check valve only allows media to flow in one direction. When the flow decreases, the valve closes and prevents the fluid from flowing backwards through the valve. The valves are commonly used in the process industry and come in different designs: ball check valve, flap check valve, ring check valve and globe check valve. Usually a check valve creates a pressure drop, to minimise the pressure drop, Asahi's flap check valve is recommended as it has virtually free flow when the valve is fully open.



Connections and dimensions

The non-return valves can be supplied with various connection options: wafer clamping, flange connection, weld, thread connection and for bonding. The dimensional range is DN15-500.A bottom valve is installed at the end of a suction line and prevents backflow of liquid. This type of valve is fitted with a strainer basket to efficiently collect the solid particles.Lyma provides a wide range of check and bottom valves in different designs and materials. This means that we have a solution for the vast majority of corrosive applications.