World Chemical magnetic drive submersible pump type GW
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World Chemical magnetic drive submersible pump type GWN

Submersible pump type GWN is the ideal solution to a variety of pumping problems in corrosive environments. For both stationary use and e.g. emergency pumping in case of acid leakage. All parts of the pump are made of highly resistant material, carbon fibre filled PP. GWN is a magnetic drive pump and therefore does not have a mechanical oil bath seal which is common among submersible pumps. The magnetic drive design eliminates the potential risk of oil leakage and contamination due to wear from the mechanical seal. The pumps are supplied with 3-phase motor, 10 m power cord and 6 m nylon rope.

The pump is excellent for:

  • Emptying pump pits with corrosive liquids
  • Flooded embankments with corrosive liquids
  • Emptying of pickling vats, annodising vats etc.

Capacity: Max 330 litres/min
Pressure altitude: Max 12 metres
Material pumphouse: Carbon fibre filled PP
Impeller material: Carbon fibre filled PP
Liquid temperature: Up to 75 °C
Weight: 26kg
Engine: 3-phase, 2900 rpm.1.1 kW

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