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Epoxy pipes and fittings

FuturePipe GRE pipes are ideal for transporting water, fuels and chemicals. Their smooth surface and non-corrosive properties also provide very low friction throughout their lifetime. This allows smaller pipe dimensions to be used, which saves space and means lower costs than equivalent steel pipes of larger dimensions.

Dimensional range: 25-1400 mm
Working pressure: Up to 50 bar
Lengths: Standard lengths up to 10 metres
Temperature range: -60 C to 110 C

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    Increased fire safety

    FuturePipe GRE pipes are self-extinguishing and are significantly more resistant to fire than pipes made of various thermoplastics. The pipes conduct heat about 100 times worse than steel, providing increased fire safety where flammable liquids are transported. Pipes are also ideal for firefighting systems because they do not rust and cannot clog sprinklers with rust.

    Quick and easy installation

    FuturePipe GRE pipes are light and easy to install. Unlike steel pipes, installation can be prepared on site and no heavy and cumbersome installation equipment is needed. We offer a complete system with different types of connections such as strain-relief or non-strain-relief couplings. Tension-proof couplings are mainly laminate, sleeve and rubber ring couplings with locking. Non-draught-proof couplings are e.g. rubber ring and mechanical couplings.

    Lower costs

    FuturePipe GRE pipework systems do not rust and are normally maintenance-free. They are easy to install. The smoother surface and lower friction means that smaller pipe dimensions can be used and therefore smaller and more energy-efficient pumps. This, combined with the long service life, ensures a hassle-free and cost-effective piping system.