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Complete corrosion-resistant structures

Lyma Kemiteknik offers gratings for complete corrosion-proof constructions, which are safe and durable for many different environments. The gratings are delivered pre-assembled, which facilitates installation. We help you with on-site modelling with 2D/3D drawings, Finite element modelling. If you have questions about our gratings, feel free to contact us.

Examples of structures with glass fibre reinforced plastic gratings:
Glass fibre reinforced plastic gratings are used for walkways at pipe bridges, stairs, ramps, ladders and work platforms. These can be laid directly on the ground or in the air. The walkways are built to ensure maximum safety according to UNI EN ISO 14122 2-3. Compatible with SSG standards.

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    • Description

    Advantages of glass fibre reinforced plastics over metal structures:

    • High resistance to aggressive chemicals
    • No maintenance
    • Self-extinguishing
    • High mechanical strength to weight ratio
    • Low weight - low transport costs
    • Easy installation
    • Dimensionally stable
    • Electrically insulating, alternatively conductive if necessary
    • -40 ⁰C - 80 ⁰C. Indoor and outdoor installations.
    • Excellent in marine environments
    • Wide range of profiles - Gallerdurk
    • Lyma Kemiteknik offers a wide range of profiles. By combining these with gratings in glass fibre reinforced plastic,
    • you get a corrosion-proof structure.