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GAP-reinforced thermoplastic pipes and fittings - PVDF/AP

We have a complete range of GAP reinforced pipe systems with PVDF media pipes. The pipes and fittings are externally reinforced with glass fibre reinforced polyester.

The glass fibre reinforced polyester is available in different resin qualities:

  • VE (vinylester)
  • IP (isophthalic acid polyester)
  • OP (orthophthalic acid polyester)

The glass content of strength laminates for pipes = 60% and fittings = min. 45% The production is based on tolerance levels according to. DIN 16964 (pipes) and DIN 16966 (fittings) All pipes and fittings can be supplied with certificates and meet the requirements of PRN 88, with regard to pressure, adhesion, testing, labelling and certification.

Material: PVDF liner pipes, pre-treated to achieve adhesion according to PRN 88.
Dimensional range: Dy 32-300 mm (larger dimensions on request)
Working pressure: PN 10
Bonding technology: Wire welding or butt welding

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