ASV Fabric body gauge type DFM

The float meter is a flow meter for water, air and liquid/gaseous chemicals. The flow lifts a float whose top edge is read against the scale of the measuring tube. The meters are mainly used for visual reading but can also be supplied with a contact for alarm (min/max) or 4-20mA sensor to obtain a continuous measurement value. To enable mounting of monitoring (alarm or sensor) it is required that the float meter is equipped with a magnetic float of PVDF.

As standard, the fabric body meters are equipped with a scale for water 20°C in the unit l/h. Other standard scales are provided for HCl 30%, NaOH 30%, NaOH 50% and air. The accuracy of measurement is +/- 1% of the measured value. The fabric body meters are available with connection options for glued, welded, threaded or flanged connection.

Measurement area: 1.5-50 000 litres/h
Material measuring tube: PVC, PA, PSU and PVDF
Material sealing: EPDM or FPM
Measurement tube length: 165-350 mm

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