Level switch type NIS

The level switch is used for level monitoring in unpressurised tanks and containers. The level switch provides a signal for one to four levels, depending on the design. As the liquid level rises, the air in the dip tube is compressed and affects the diaphragm pressure switches. The liquid rises only part way up the pipe, minimising the risk of clogging the pipe. The level switches are delivered with pre-set switch pressure depending on the media. Electrical connection: AMP flat pin connector 6.3 according to. DIN 42648. Cable entry: PG 16. Protection class: IP 65.

Material houses: PP or PVC
Material dip tube: PP or PVC, diameter 32 mm
Number of immersion tubes: 1-4 pcs
Material membrane: EPDM or FPM
Temperature range: Up to 80°C

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