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Reinforced plastic, ISO polyester or Bisphenol polyester gratings are used in corrosive environments and where electrically conductive or magnetic materials must not be present. Existing gratings can easily be replaced with reinforced plastic gratings, simple adaptation of dimensions means that they fit in the same framework. The grating is delivered in open or covered design and as standard in anti-slip design. The grating can also be supplied in fire-resistant resin material. Compared to metal gratings, the corresponding articles made of reinforced plastic have many advantages.

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    Corrosion resistance
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    Wear resistance
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    Advantages of reinforced plastic gratings:

    • Low weight
    • Easy to handle during installation and maintenance
    • High resistance to corrosion, eliminating the risks of accidents caused by corrosion.
    • Maintenance-free, no need for painting or surface treatment
    • Electrical and thermal insulation, affected or not affected by current and magnetic fields
    • High mechanical strength, elastic - regains original shape after deflection
    • Able to withstand ambient temperatures between -40° and +80°C without deformation and without
      the mechanical properties are significantly changed
    • Easy to machine to customised dimensions during assembly

    Uses of the cucumber

    • Pedestrian bridges
    • Platforms
    • Stairs
    • Covering of floor channels
    • Protection over containers
    • Protection at electrical panels
    • Berry bottoms in scrubbers

    The grating is suitable for complete constructions.

    Additional structural elements such as profiles, railings, ladders, platforms, cable ladders, cable trays, etc. are available in GAP and are adapted to fit together in complete structures in combination with the grating.