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Asahi pneumatic diaphragm valve type AI DN15-50

Asahi pneumatic diaphragm valve type AI DN15-50
Pneumatic shut-off or throttling valve for aggressive, corrosive, viscous or dirty media. The valve is designed for more than 500,000 cycles and is therefore particularly suitable in applications where the valve is frequently operated. Also suitable as a control valve as the valve has almost linear characteristics.

For diffusing liquids, a PVDF diffusion protection is recommended. It prevents corrosive gases from attacking the valve stem.
The valve is supplied with a pneumatic double or single acting (spring closing or spring opening) actuator. The actuator is made of corrosion resistant plastic material PPG and is prepared for direct mounting of the solenoid valve via Namur connection and end position indication for indication of open/closed valve position.

Dimensional range: DN15-50
Material: PP,PVDF, C-PVC or PVC
Material membrane: EPDM or PTFE
Connection: Flange connection according to DIN PN10 or ANSI 150 lbs, adhesive connection, welded connection or internal thread connection.
Temperature range: -20-+120 °C
Manoeuvring: Pneumatic double or single acting actuator

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