Dry run protection

Reliable and cost-effective monitoring. Emotron M20 shaft power monitor protects pumps and other equipment from damage and downtime. Early warnings allow you to take preventive action, thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving operational reliability. Using the electric motor as a sensor also reduces installation costs.

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    Unique monitoring of shaft power
    The Emotron M20 immediately detects overload and underload, for example if a pump runs dry. A unique shaft power calculation method provides accurate and reliable monitoring throughout the load range.

    Good accuracy with scalable output signal
    A unique feature provides good accuracy even with very small load variations. An analogue current output signal can be used to scale the machine load to the actual working range. The signal can be used as an input to an indicating instrument, controller or PLC.

    Make your settings in three seconds
    The Emotron M20 has a unique auto set function, which allows you to set four limit values in just three seconds. If you press Auto set during normal operation, the warning and stop levels are automatically calculated based on the actual measured motor load.

    Low installation cost and no maintenance
    Since the electric motor is used as a sensor, there is no need for external sensors or extra wiring, and no need to cut holes in pipes. The result is increased reliability and lower investment, installation and maintenance costs.