Security products

Lyma product range

Safety products such as flange guards, lockable valves, anti-slip devices and handrails.

When handling aggressive media, there is always a risk of material and/or personal injury. It is therefore very important that we create as safe working environments as possible for our staff in the workplace using relevant safety products. Personal safety is always a priority when we design and propose solutions. We also have an assortment that focuses on personal safety, which includes gratings, flange guards and splash guards. The flange protectors increase safety and protect personnel and neighbouring equipment in case of leakage from flange joints or valves. An alternative is the splash guard, which ensures that in the event of a gasket failure, the leakage is without lethal spray from the pipework.



Our valves can be supplied with a lockable function, so-called break & lock. This prevents the valves from opening or closing at the wrong time. In this way, we can avoid many potential accidents or downtime.

In humid environments, slip resistance is important and in combination with corrosive liquids, it is therefore important that the slip resistance does not rust and break. Therefore, minimise the risk of slipping and prevent slipping accidents with sanded gratings made of different plastic materials where there is a risk of corrosion.

We can also offer profiles, railings, ladders and platforms that are customised with the gratings to form a complete structure. All of course corrosion-proof.

Our security products are supplied as standard in designs that comply with the relevant parts of the applicable EU directives.