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Anti-slip protection

With glass fibre reinforced plastic mesh, maximum safety is achieved in your workplace. Staff and operators do not risk accidents thanks to its anti-slip properties. Slip protection created by non-slip grating is particularly significant in environments where there are large temperature changes, high humidity, ice and corrosive substances.

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    Corrosion resistance
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    Wear resistance
    • Description

    Plastic grating is lightweight

    Create a safe and secure workplace with plastic gratings. Compared to metal gratings, plastic gratings are lightweight, making them easier and safer to install. It is possible to connect and construct gratings according to your wishes and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice, suggestions and discussion - we will help you with your project.

    The non-slip surface of the cucumber is certified

    The non-slip surface of the grating is certified according to the DIN 51130 standard (determination of slip resistance) and is available in three variants:

    1. Anti-slip surface ("meniscus") (R13 -V10)
    2. Anti-slip surface with sand (R13- V10)
    3. Anti-slip covered surface with sand (R13- V4)

    Uses of the cucumber

    • Steps - with a sanded surface on the entire step, a better grip is achieved. They are safe to install, as they can be supplied with a fastening device and be assembled and ready to go from the factory. Also available in fire retardant grade and used where there are fire safety requirements.
    • Railway crossings - gratings make railway crossings safer and reduce falls and tripping accidents.
    • Pedestrian plan - increase safety on the walkway by sanding the walking surfaces, adding knee and toe pads to the railings and securing the railings.
    • Thoughts and platforms - ladders with back protection and resting platforms increase the safety of staff who may be at high altitudes.
    • Electrically conductive gratings - these are used to prevent staff from being exposed to electric shock.
    • Marine decks, such as piers and bathhouses - there are special sanded gratings suitable for walking barefoot on them.