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Ceramic hose - GRANIT- Ceramic 4910 Antistatic

GRANIT 4910 is a hose designed for extremely abrasive applications. The hose is internally coated with ceramic (aluminium oxide) plates that give the hose superior abrasion properties compared to normal rubber hose or steel pipe. The ceramics are placed in a spiral shape which makes the hose elastic and bendable. The spiral shape also means that the joint between the ceramics is not straight, which in turn prevents the joint from wearing out. The rubber material is black electrically conductive SBR rubber (TRH21). Other rubber materials can also be supplied on request. The hose can be equipped with a warning cable, which can be connected to the process monitoring system, indicating an upcoming hose change. The hose is connected with the GRANIT Select coupling system or with sleeves.

Dimensional range: Id 25-350 mm
Material inside: Ceramic tiles
Reinforcement: Textile and steel spiral
Exterior materials: SBR rubber, antistatic
Working pressure: 10 bar
Safety factor: 3.2
Temperature range: -40- +80°C

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