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Richter lined tank bottom valve type TE/F

Richter's innovative Type TE/F valve solves the problems of limited reliability and short life of tank bottom valves. Richter's lined valve is designed for highly aggressive and corrosive liquids. The valve is designed for increased safety and reduced overall cost. The patent pending solution is simple and innovative.

Internally lined tank bottom valve for aggressive and corrosive liquids. The valve is supplied with Richter's patented ENVIPACK system, a spindle seal with PTFE bellows, which is preloaded to withstand hot and cold operating conditions. All wetted parts have a minimum 3.5 mm thick lining. Ball with integrated spindle, which prevents corrosion damage. For abrasive fluids, a ceramic (Al2O3) ball can also be supplied. Delivered in manual version with lockable hand lever and as an option with extended hand lever. Flange connection according to DIN PN10/16 DN80. The valve is certified according to DIN EN 12266-1, ADR: 2015 chapter 6.8: European Rules for Road Transport, DIN EN 14432: Tanks for the transport of dangerous goods and RID: European Rules for Rail Transport.

Dimensional range: DN80
Material: PFA/sea iron epoxy coated
Material of seat rings: PTFE
Temperature range: -40-+180°C

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    5 / 5
    Corrosion resistance
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    Wear resistance
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