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Depa pneumatic diaphragm pump, polypropylene type DL-PM/PP/PL

Depa polypropylene pneumatic diaphragm pumps have a simple, reliable and leak-proof design. The pump is designed to pump corrosive, difficult-to-handle or particle-laden media in e.g. the painting and coating industry, galvanic industry, energy applications or chemical industry.

Depa pneumatic diaphragm pump type DL-PM/PP/PL has a pump housing and centre part made of polypropylene (PP). The difference between the types is that DL-PP is made of solid polypropylene, type DL-PM is made of injection moulded polypropylene and type DL-PL is made of solid conductive polypropylene. Diaphragms, balls and seats are available in different materials to suit the application. The pump has optimised flow characteristics and can handle particle size up to 10 mm and discharge pressure up to 7.0 bar.
The pump fulfils the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Dimensional range: DN15-80
Max. Capacity: Up to 35 m³/h
Maximum working pressure: Up to 7.0 bar
Material pumphouse/middle: Polypropylene (PP) or conductive polypropylene (PP)
Material membrane: PTFE E4, EPDM E4, NBR E4, NRS E4, FKM E4 EPDM "grey" E4 or Santoprene S4.
Temperature range: 0 -+60°C

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