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Liquivac vacuum liquid ring pump type LV

The Liquivac vacuum liquid ring pump is designed for liquids, gases with or without particles. Its unique design allows it to handle solid particles up to 2 mm when pumping liquids, air, foam or emulsions. The pump is also very useful for priming other pumping systems and protecting larger vacuum pumps from failure.

The pump can handle suction lengths of over 500 metres. At start-up, the pump casing should be filled with liquid. When the pump is started, a liquid ring is created between the rotor and the pump casing, creating a series of cavities. Air is drawn into the cavities, the air is compressed and pumped out through the pump. When used as a vacuum pump, external liquid is required. The fluid does not have to be clean and the system can be recirculated.

Material in contact with liquids: Steel castings or stainless steel AISI 316
Capacity of liquids: Up to 35 m3/h
Priming capacity (gas): Up to 40 m3/h
The height of the claim: Up to 30 mvp
Suction height: Up to 8.5 mvp

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