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Calorplast submersible heat exchanger / condenser

CALORPLAST submersible heat exchangers/condenser are suitable for heating and cooling concentrated inorganic acids, high purity or aggressive and surface protecting liquids in tanks. They are important components in e.g. surface engineering and the chemical industry.

Material: PE-RT, PVDF or PFA

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    CALORPLAST plastic immersion heat exchangers are assembled from standardised tubular modules, thus allowing an optimal adaptation to the customer's specifications. All fittings and support elements will also be designed according to customer requirements.The tube modules are manufactured using a patented manufacturing process, which ensures a particularly small pressure loss while providing high heating/cooling performance. The modular design allows different flow patterns for the cooling and heating streams.

    Each CALORPLAST heat exchanger is calculated and optimised in a computer-aided simulation and you will always get the most affordable and reliable layout. The heat exchangers are easy to clean with pressurised water, steam or chemicals and thus provide a long service life.