Lyma product range

Exploring Lyma's complete range of valves

We have extensive experience in valves for demanding industrial applications. A wide range of different valve types and materials means that we have a suitable solution for most corrosive and/or abrasive applications.



Prism pneumatic actuators type PP

Prism pneumatic actuators type PA

Magnetic valve Namur

Terminal box

Speed control

Valve positioner (positions)

Richter lined safety valve type KSE

Liquiflo overflow valve

Safety valve JESCO

Asahi butterfly valve type 57 DN40-350

Asahi butterfly valve lug type 57L DN80-250

Asahi butterfly valve type 56 DN400

Asahi butterfly valve type 56D/75D DN400-600

Asahi butterfly valve type 58 DN700-1200

Richter PFA/PTFE lined butterfly valve type NKS/NKL DN50-750

Galassi manual hose valve Type GS21 DN20-100

Galassi hose valve Type GS1 DN10-200

Galassi hose valve with pneumatic actuator Type GS22 DN20-150

HOmatic hose valve type 41 DN50-150

HOmatic hose valve type 00/10/20/21 DN10-40

HOmatic hose valve type 70 DN10-50

Senaplastics flue gas damper type 4050

SenaPlastics flue gas damper type 4050/2

Senaplastic flue gas damper type 4100

Richter lined control valve type RSS/F DN15-150

Richter lined ball valve for control type KNR/F DN15-200

Exner control valve type 640/650 DN15-100

ASV solenoid valves type 150 & 160

ASV Pressure maintenance valves type DHV

Asahi dirt filter type 51

Richter lined sampling valve type PA/F

Richter linat synglas type PSG/TSG/SGS

Richter lined dirt filter type GSO

Richter lined tank bottom valve type TE/F

Asahi manual diaphragm valve type 14 DN15-100

Asahi manual diaphragm valve type 15 DN125-150

Asahi manual diaphragm valve type 72 DN200-250

Asahi diaphragm valve type 14/15/72 EL DN15-250

Asahi pneumatic diaphragm valve type 16P DN15-50

Asahi pneumatic diaphragm valve type AI DN15-50

Asahi pneumatic diaphragm valve type AP DN65-100

Asahi pneumatic diaphragm valve type AV DN125-250

Richter lined diaphragm valve type MV DN15-200

Asahi ball valve type 21 DN10-100

Richter PFA/PTFE lined ball valve type KN/F

Nil-Cor glass fibre reinforced ball valve type 310

Asahi three-way ball valve type 23BV DN15-100

Asahi three-way ball valve type 23HBV DN25-40

Asahi ball control valve type 21a DN15-50

Asahi pneumatic ball valve type 21AR DN15-100

Asahi butterfly check valve type 33 DN15-200

Asahi flap check valve type 33EL DN15-200

Asahi ball check valve type 32 DN15-100

Check valve type 34 DN32-500

Asahi bottom valve type 30 DN15-100

Richter PFA/PTFE lined ball check valve type BC/CV DN15-150

Lyma's range of valves for industry

For example, we offer

We also have a wide range of accessories including actuators, position indicators, valve positioners and flange gaskets.

What are valves used for?

A valve opens, closes or regulates the flow of a liquid or gas. The choice of valve depends on the medium passing through the valve, the type of process, as well as temperature and pressure. The weight and connection of the valve are also factors that can affect which industrial valve you need.

With Lyma you get reliable valves that can be controlled day in and day out.

Lyma's goal is to always offer the best brands in valves. Our suppliers must be at the forefront of new product development. That is why you will always find reliable valves from quality manufacturers such as Asahi, Richter and Nilcor in our range. With Lyma valves, you get the best combination of economy and technology - in other words, we make working with aggressive fluids safer than ever.

Do you have questions about valves for the process industry? You are welcome to contact us!