CP magnetic drive centrifugal pump type MKP-Bio
CP magnetic drive centrifugal pump type MKP-Bio Parts
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CP magnetic drive centrifugal pump type MKP-Bio

Magnetically coupled, seal-less centrifugal pump for sterile applications.

The pump has a reverse magnetic coupling, compact design and no dead spaces. The impeller rotates around a stationary shaft according to the gyroscopic principle, maintaining a perfect hydraulic balance. This reduces the bearing load, which increases operational reliability. The pump is fully self-draining via the suction connection and therefore no additional connections for flushing, draining or venting are required.

Capacity: 0.5-60 m³/h
Lifting height: Up to 80 metres
Material: Stainless steel, Uranus® B6, Hastelloy® B and C
Liquid temperature: -20- +150°C
Viscosity: 0.5 - 350 mm²/s

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    Designed according to EHEDG recommendations, DIN EN 12462, DIN EN ISO 5199 and 15783 and for CIP and SIP cleaning.
    Media affected parts with a surface finish of Ra ≤0.8, edges rounded with a radius of R3 and media affected parts have an angle of >3°.

    The pump can be supplied with a variety of flange connections, such as flange connections according to DIN 11864, DIN 11850, according to EN 1092-1, SÜDMO flanges, NEUMO flanges, BBS flanges or flanges according to ASME BPE (Tri-Clamp).