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Asahi butterfly valve type 58 DN700-1200

Valve designed for shut-off and control of large flows of aggressive or corrosive liquids. An excellent choice for seawater applications. Wetted parts are made of PDCPD material, making the valve lightweight, about 50% of the weight of an equivalent metal valve. Replaceable sleeve also forms the flange gasket on both sides. The damper is centrally mounted for maximum tightness, regardless of the direction of flow. The valve is operated by hand gear or actuator directly mounted via a mounting flange according to ISO 5211.

Dimensional range: DN700-1200
Material: PDCPD
Material seals: EPDM, FKM or Viflon-F
Connection: Clamping between flanges according to DIN PN10 or ANSI 150 lbs.
Temperature range: 0-+80 °C
Manoeuvring: Manual gearbox, pneumatic or electric actuator

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