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Richter PFA/PTFE lined butterfly valve type NKS/NKL DN50-750

Valve designed for shut-off and control of aggressive or corrosive liquids. Equipped with centrally located disc, integrated spindle and disc. Flexible sealing, with silicone or viton inserts, makes the valve gas tight. All media-contacting parts have at least 3 mm thick lining. Supplied as standard with spring box gasket.

Supplied in manual version with hand lever/hand gear or actuator directly mounted via mounting flange according to ISO 5211.
Type NKS is intended for clamping between flanges according to DIN PN10. Type NKL in the so-called lug type design, according to DIN PN10, which means that the valve retains its sealing function even with one-sided flange mounting, e.g. as an end valve.
Valve body externally epoxy coated.

Dimensional range: DN50-750
Material damper disc: PFA
Material sealing: PTFE
Temperature range: -40 -+200°C

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