Chemical industry

Pumps for the chemical industry

Chemical industry

We have extensive experience in providing solutions and deliveries to the chemical industry. Our deliveries include pumps, valves, pipes and other equipment for the chemical industry. We have many references in the following chemical process flows:

- Sulphuric acid
- Hydrochloric acid
- Iron chloride
- Brine
- formic acid
- Slurry

The chemical industry is an industry that produces chemical products or uses chemical processes. In addition to the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry includes refineries and the plastics and rubber industries. The most energy-intensive sectors are the production of chemicals and oil refining.

Chemistry is present in all value chains

More than 95 % of all manufactured products depend on chemistry and the chemical industry today produces a wide range of products that we use in our daily lives. The chemical industry develops new ways to produce energy, reduce energy demand, provide clean water and food and many other world challenges. Chemical industry companies produce important inputs to many other processes, ranging from the production of basic chemicals to pharmaceuticals. Refineries produce fuels of various kinds, including biodiesel.

Chemical and other process industries require high chemical stability even under extreme temperature conditions. Most chemical processes involve corrosive media. However, there is great variation depending on the industry in question, but the common factor is that transport and handling must be carried out safely. A properly selected polymer provides high resistance to the effects of strong acids and bases as well as solvents, salts and alcohols. Fluoroplastics provide better chemical resistance than stainless steel at a significantly lower cost than precious metals, which would otherwise be the alternative.
Lyma delivers solutions to the chemical industry that ensure high functionality, safety, sustainability and cost efficiency. With innovative, high-quality products and expert knowledge, we offer solutions that can enhance performance, reduce waste, minimise downtime and increase safety.

The chemical industry is energy intensive

The chemical industry is and will remain an energy-intensive industry, and is undergoing a transition towards climate neutrality by 2045.