We have the solutions for you as a consultant

If you work as a consultant and come into contact with corrosive media, we have solutions for most needs. We offer a complete solution: pumps, valves, pipes, tanks and other equipment. To make it as easy as possible for you. All with a focus on handling corrosive and abrasive flows. As we have long experience, we dare to call ourselves specialists.

We often find that there is a lack of material knowledge when it comes to plastics. Lyma can therefore help you who work with design to show what opportunities you have with plastic materials, especially compared to different steel grades but also between the different thermoplastics / polymer types. Our knowledge of which materials and products are used for different applications is something we are happy to share.

Our instrument programme includes measurement technology for flow, level and pressure. The products are available in several different materials to suit every corrosive application.

We have a wide programme of pipes and fittings in various materials. In addition, a wide range of accessories, including pipe hangers. As always, focus on corrosive and abrasive applications.

Our range of pipes and fittings includes:

  • GAP/GRP Chemical Pipes - These are vinyl ester chemical pipes that are mainly used when we work with highly corrosive liquids. These are used above ground.
  • Underground pipes GAP/GRP - In underground pipes, a different strength laminate is used where sand is mixed in to withstand external stresses. Dimensional range DN 100 - DN 4000.
  • GRE/epoxy - Epoxy pipes are mainly used for service and fire water pipes above ground where corrosion is less severe.
  • PFA/PTFE lined pipes and fittings - Internally fluoroplastic lined metal pipes and fittings. Used for highly corrosive liquids and high temperatures. The range also includes PTFE lined expansion joints designed to absorb movement in pipework.
  • Duallaminte GAP/GRP reinforced thermo or fluoroplastic pipes and fittings. We can supply media pipes made of PE, PVC, PP, PVDF, E-CTFE, FEP or PFA. The pipes and fittings are externally reinforced by GAP/GRP.

For pipe installations, pipe supports and/or pipe suspension are needed and here we can offer SSG forging according to standard SSG -7005.

Along with our pumps, valves and pipes, we also have a wide range of tanks, scrubbers, columns, chimneys, gas ducts and specialised structures. By calculating the structures using the FEM method (Finite Element Method), we know which raw materials to use and how to design the structure. This allows us to create customised solutions for tough corrosive industrial applications.

Our product range also includes fluoroplastic and ceramic hoses. The fluoroplastic hoses are intended for corrosive applications and the ceramic hoses are used in extremely abrasive processes.

Lyma's range also includes industrial fans, type scirocco and turbo fans. Our fans are delivered customised in plastic or glass fibre material GAP/GRP and are thus intended for corrosive applications. We also have a wide range of accessories for the fans, including silencers, adjustment dampers and compensators.

Heat exchangers made of SiC, graphite or thermoplastic are included in our product programme. The heat exchangers are available in different designs, tube plate heat exchangers or tube heat exchangers. We also offer a wide range of accessories with rubber compensators and safety guards such as flange guards and splash guards. In addition, gratings of fibreglass GAP/GRP and other structural elements such as profiles, railings, ladders, platforms, cable ladders, cable trays of GAP/GRP adapted to fit together with the gratings in complete structures.

To facilitate your project work, we also offer drawings in the usual formats such as dwg for most of our products. Of course, we are helpful with data sheets and any reference objects on similar applications.

We hope that we can find a good co-operation with each other. Please contact us if you need training in the areas we work with. We can offer pump, valve and pipe training.