New industries with new challenges are emerging. We have extensive experience in providing solutions and deliveries for difficult applications.

Examples of applications where we can help:

  • Battery manufacturing
  • CO2 capture and storage
  • Energy storage of corrosive media
  • Handling of biofuels

Battery manufacturing

In the manufacture of mainly cathode materials for batteries, the processes involve hot acids that are very corrosive. In the purification step, battery chemicals are dissolved in acids, which places great demands on the equipment. Handling of slurry and H2SO4 media causes both wear and corrosion problems. Recycling of batteries also presents challenges as all the contents of a battery need to be separated and refined. Instead of using high alloy steel, one can use plastic and/or plastic lined steel pipes and pumps. The advantages of plastics are longer life and usually better delivery times. The processes can also give rise to troublesome flue gases. Flue gases generated during purification or incineration preferably use fibreglass scrubber systems.

We at Lyma kemiteknik can also help with the entire flow chain for corrosive media. We offer a complete solution with pumps, valves, pipes, tanks, scrubbers and other equipment.

CO2 capture and storage

Carbon capture equipment (CCS and CCU) is being tested around the world. By capturing carbon dioxide from a bioenergy plant, a negative carbon balance is obtained from the CHP plant. Lyma Kemiteknik can assist with handling amines for carbon capture and pumping liquid carbon dioxide for further transport.

Energy storage

Industry is switching to renewable energy sources. To manage the balance of power, energy needs to be stored until it is actually needed. Today, exciting processes are being developed to store excess energy in molten media or chemical transitions. Some processes involve heating a suitable medium, a liquid or solid materials. For liquids, there can be challenges in pumping them regardless of the energy content of the media. A boiling media can behave very differently from a subcooled media.

For solid processes, salt is often one of the components. In addition to being hot, molten salt is highly corrosive and has special requirements for pumping and transport.

Handling of biofuels

In the process of phasing out fossil fuels, more environmentally friendly alternatives are being developed. Some of these biofuels are corrosive at higher temperatures. The pumps that handle these fuels need to be ATEX rated, as well as being able to meet the corrosion requirements. Some biofuels also need to be heated to reduce their viscosity and make them pumpable.

Lyma Kemiteknik can help you choose the right pump type that meets both safety, temperature and corrosion requirements.