Durable plastic grating for harsh environments

When Lyma Kemiteknik in Arlöv started selling plastic gratings, they mainly targeted industries with corrosive and abrasive environments. Now, more and more people have started to discover their grating, which is maintenance-free and weighs only a fraction of its steel counterpart.

Traditionally, gratings are usually made of steel. Lyma Kemiteknik's gridded cucumbers is made up of two different materials. Glass fibre reinforced plastic, which provides maximum mechanical strength, and polyester resin, which provides corrosion resistance. The combination of materials results in a plastic grating that is in many ways superior to the traditional one.

Less weight less maintenance

- Our customers are usually found in process industries with harsh environments. Everything from heating plants and paper mills to the steel industry. But it has turned out that many other industries also value a grating that does not rust, does not conduct electricity and weighs only 20 per cent of the corresponding steel grating," says Therése Heimby, sales engineer at Lyma Kemiteknik.

The low weight of the plastic grating is seen as a major advantage. Not least from an environmental perspective, as transport requires considerably fewer resources.

But the lower weight also means that it is easier and safer for the customer to install. Despite its low weight, the plastic trough can withstand extremely high stresses.

- We always make calculations based on the customer's needs. Should there be staff on the grating? Should you have a lorry driving on it? We can deliver grating that can be driven on by a lorry. And we also supply support under the grating. Then we calculate what profiles are needed and what support function is required," says Therése.

Customised solutions

Plastic gratings are not only suitable for flat surfaces. You can also get, for example, steps, ladders and profiles in grating. Lyma Kemiteknik can design the grating according to specification, which means that it can be used in a wide range of areas. "We had a customer who wanted a special bookcase. Then we cut shelves that fit the customer's existing framework according to a drawing we received. The customer could then insert them into the framework and it was ready. This is part of our strength, that we are responsive to what the customer wants and that we can deliver various specialised solutions," says Therése. At there is more information about plastic gratings as well as pictures and specifications. Lyma Kemiteknik also sells a variety of other plastic products such as pumps, valves, pipes, tanks, valves and intended for corrosive and abrasive environments.

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