Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Products suitable for medicines and pharmaceutical industry

Lyma has products in pumps, valves, pipes and tanks that are well suited for the pharmaceutical industry.

The products used in this industry often have stringent quality requirements and must allow for CIP and/or SIP cleaning/washing to avoid bacteria and keep the process sterile. This requires stringent material requirements as well as a surface finish that meets industry requirements and regulations. Lyma can offer quality products with Ra<0.8 in the materials stainless steel 1.4306, Uranus B6, Duplex and super Duplex and for example Hastelloy C. We also have lined products such as PFA, PP, PVC-C and PTFE. Some of these materials can be supplied with FDA approval and 3.1 certificate.

Pharmaceutical production often involves chemicals that can be extremely corrosive. This requires materials that have very good chemical handling properties. We therefore have a wide range of products in thermoplastics or with fluoroplastic lining that can handle concentrated sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, even at high temperatures and high pressure.

The pharmaceutical industry requires high chemical stability even under extreme temperature conditions. A properly selected polymer provides high resistance to the effects of strong acids and bases as well as solvents, salts and alcohols.

Lyma delivers solutions to the pharmaceutical industry that ensure high performance, safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency. With innovative, high-quality products and expertise, we offer solutions that can enhance performance, reduce waste, minimise downtime and increase safety.