Lyma product range

Corrosion-resistant gratings

Lyma offers customised grating solutions, providing you with corrosion-resistant material, low weight and easy-to-build structures.



What is gallwort?

Gratings consist of a mesh of metal or other material, and are used as floor gratings in a variety of applications. It is commonly used in staircases, as footbridges and handicap/loading grids, on work platforms and various types of industrial facilities. The denser the mesh and the higher the bearing bars, the higher the load-bearing capacity of the grating.

With grating, liquids drain away easily

The advantage of gratings is that excess water, spillages and other liquids can easily drain away. This avoids puddles remaining on the floor. It is also easier to build various structures with ladders, profiles and steps. This makes gratings a flexible and practical solution suitable for many types of environments.

Lyma gratings are lightweight and made of corrosion-resistant plastic

Lyma gratings are lightweight compared to standard steel gratings. Our proprietary grating consists of two different materials - glass fibre reinforced plastic for mechanical strength and polyester resin for corrosion resistance. The combination of materials provides greater resistance and more benefits, such as being lighter and non-conductive. With Lyma's plastic gratings, you get many advantages over steel:

  • Lower transport costs
  • Maintenance free for about 10-20 years
  • Easy to handle, about 20% by weight of steel
  • Easy to install

With us you will also find adjustable PP feet for gratings which is perfect for uneven surfaces. It also works great if you have pipes and cables under your floor, for example.

Single lattice staircase or a pre-assembled structure?

Whether you just need a few lattice steps or a pre-assembled staircase, we have the solution for you. For example, we offer reinforced plastic gratings where simple customisation of dimensions means that it fits into the same framework as your existing gratings. You can also have the grating delivered in open or covered design and with anti-slip protection as standard.

We help you with the dimensions of your grating

If you need gratings, we are happy to help you with the dimensions. We can also offer customised solutions based on your own drawings/sketches, calculations and corrosion studies. In addition to gratings, we offer complementary profiles, railings, cable ladders, platforms and ladders. These are available in many different dimensions, are lightweight, can withstand high loads, are corrosion-resistant and are available in fire-rated designs. Only your imagination sets the construction limits!

Please read our article on gall bladder.

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