Lyma product range

Everything from simple PTFE hoses to high-tech ceramic transport hoses.

Lyma offers a wide range of hoses adapted for industrial use where high demands on corrosion and wear resistance are required. Our in-depth knowledge of pipework components enables us to develop a hose for your application and offer suitable couplings and connections.



Our range of hoses is aimed at companies in the chemical, food & pharmaceutical, energy and combustion industries.Our PTFE vulcanised hoses ensure that the media never comes into contact with any metallic surface to ensure that corrosion does not occur and that a high level of cleanliness is maintained.The robust construction of the transport hoses ensures that no wear occurs either internally or externally when installed in an aggressive environment where both corrosive liquids and high temperatures occur.Most of the hoses can be supplied in finished lengths according to your requirements, pre-connected and pressure tested, ready to be installed.Please read our interesting article on how and why hoses are used.